KASP 사단법인 한국우주기술진흥협회 Korea Association for Space Teachnology Promotion

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  • 2024

    2024.04.17Memorandum of understanding(MOU) signed with KASS

    2024.03.28Hosting space environment test support Workshop(~2024.3.29)

    2024.02.29Hosting 11th General Assembly of KASP

    2024.01.29Memorandum of understanding(MOU) signed with Jinju city,Gyeongsang National University, and KTL

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  • 2023

    2023.12.08Hosting the 2nd space industrialist’s Day

    2023.12.08MOU signed with Jeollanam-do and Goheung-gun

    2023.07.25Memorandum of understanding(MOU) signed with Daejeon Metropolitan City, KAIST, and Daejeon TP

    2023.02.24Son jae-il, the 4th chairman, was inaugurated(current CEO of HanwhaAerospace)

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  • 2022

    2022.12.16Hosting the 1st space industrialist’s Day

    2022.12.13Memorandum of understanding(MOU) signed with the Korean Space Association for National Defense

    2022.11.28Hosting the 2022 Korea Space Forum

    2022.04.14Hosting space environment test support Workshop

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  • 2021

    2021.12.06Hosting the 2021 Korea Space Forum

    2021.11.24Memorandum of understanding(MOU) signed with the Korean Society of Propulsion Engineers

    2021.11.04Hosting the 2021 Space Industry Promotion Conference

    2021.07.292nd TF and Discussion Meeting on Space Industry Promotion Strategy

    2021.06.21New Space Era Participates in a Discussion on the Development of Private Space Industry in Korea

    2021.06.17Private TF Meeting on Space Industry Promotion Strategy

    2021.04.301st Civil-Private Space Policy Council Meeting

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  • 2020

    2020.11.10Memorandum of understanding(MOU) signed with the Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Sciences

    2020.11.05Hosting the 2020 Space Industry Promotion Conference

    2020.11.02Memorandum of understanding(MOU) signed with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institude

    2020.02.27Song Kyung-min, the 3rd chairman, was inaugurated(current CEO of ktsat)

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  • 2019

    2019.09.05Hosting A public hearing on the revision of the Space Development Promotion Act

    2019.07.18Hosting the Korea Space Forum

    2019.06.13Hosting the Aerospace Industry Development Strategy Symposium

    2019.01.24The relocation of Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Korea

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  • 2018

    2018.12.06Hosting the Korea's Space Industry Strategy Public Hearing

    2018.06.27Hosting Discussion on innovative growth in the space industry

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  • 2017

    2017.05.01Chairman Ryu Jang-soo's second term

    2017.03.27Hosting the South Korea's Space Rising Debate

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  • 2016

    2016.12.12Hosting the 1st Korea-France Space Forum

    2016.10.11Hosting the National Space Development Performance Exhibition

    2016.09.26International Astronautical Federation membership

    2016.09.07Memorandum of understanding(MOU) signed with Gwacheon National Science Museum

    2016.04.07Designation of science and technology non-profit corporations for fostering by the Ministry of Science

    2016.01.28The relocation of Sadang-dong, Korea

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  • 2015

    2015.11.23Memorandum of understanding(MOU) signed with korea Russia Seicence & Technology Cooperation Center

    2015.10.29Hosting the Policy meeting to foster the national space industry

    2015.09.17The composition of subcommittees

    2015.08.27Holding a parliamentary policy debate

    2015.06.15Support Ethiopian Space Industry Commission Visit

    2015.05.20Exemption of Charges for Companies Participating in CAS500 Development Project

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  • 2014

    2014.06.19Foundation of Korea Research Association for Space Technology Promotion(KRASTP)

    2014.05.01Registered as a corporation

    2014.03.25inauguration of 1st Chairman Ryu Jang-soo

    2014.03.25Foundation of KASP

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