KASP 사단법인 한국우주기술진흥협회 Korea Association for Space Teachnology Promotion

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Export and international support

We support exports and international cooperation to strengthen
the competitiveness of space companies and improve technology.
To this end, we are conducting policy research,
global marketing, and international events.

We will seek cooperation from each country in the space sector and discuss cooperation measures such as supporting human resource exchange in the space sector.

Business meetings between space industries and industry-academia meetings will be held to prepare opportunities for human exchange, strengthen cooperation among related organizations in the space sector, and visit industrial sites.

Main activity details

2nd Korea-French Space Forum

April 3, 2018 at CNES headquarters in Paris, France

Major officials from 17 industry-academic institutions, including the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, the Korean Embassy in France, the National Meteorological Satellite Center, the Korea Astronomy and Space Research Institute, and KT Sat

Presentations and discussions on future launch vehicles and satellite programs, space solutions, small satellites and new satellite services, etc

strengthening cooperation between the two countries and space fields

1st Korea-French Space Forum

Proposed by France as part of 130th anniversary of Korea-France diplomatic relations and follow-up to Korea-France summit

It will be held on December 12, 2016 (Monday) at the Shilla Hotel guesthouse in Seoul

High-level government and industry-academic officials from both countries will attend the event, including the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning, the French Ambassador to Korea, the Director of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, the Chairman of Korean Air, the CEO of Arianspace, and the Director of the National Institute of Space in France

Presenting and discussing topics such as space policy, space industry and future challenges, climate change, education and manpower training

Ethiopian Space Industry Commission visit support(2015)

Ethiopia included tasks for space science development in the "Second Five-Year Plan for National Growth and Reform" and strongly hoped for international cooperation for efficient space development, and evaluated Korea as a promising target country. As part of this, it visited Korea to seek exchanges and cooperation with related organizations

It will be held for five days from June 15, 2015 (Monday) to June 19, 2015 (Fri)

Visits and facilities of this association and institutions such as KARI, KASI, SaTRec, etc

The joint science and technology committee of the two countries will discuss specific cooperation measures, including the search for areas of cooperation in science and technology such as space and support for the exchange of human resources in the space sector