KASP 사단법인 한국우주기술진흥협회 Korea Association for Space Teachnology Promotion

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For the development of space technology and the space industry,
we are conducting human resources training and education training
through the association's own education center and online education programs.

Space Technology Training

Background and Necessity

Resolving inconsistency between industrial field demand and new space researcher competency by cultivating professional space personnel with practical skills required by the space industry site

expectation effectiveness

Job creation by resolving the chronic manpower shortage in small and medium-sized space industries, youth unemployment in science and technology, and employment interruptions due to mass layoffs

What is a space technology training project?

A project to arrange or support employment to an industry that seeks employment after conducting a training course for construction so that they can work in a domestic space industry with state funding from the government

It overcomes the chronic shortage of professional manpower in small and medium-sized enterprises and local enterprises in the national space industry development strategy, and provides employment opportunities to university graduates and those with experience in other industries

A specialized satellite curriculum

Background and Necessity

A course was opened for researchers from space companies and research institutes such as ADD in the satellite field to acquire intermediate practical skills

expectation effectiveness

Enhancement of practical skills of researchers belonging to space industry and institutions participating in CAS500 and reconnaissance satellite projects

Education Program

Product Assurance(PA), Assembly Integration & Test(AIT), Flight Software(FSW), Attitude and Orbit control Subsystem(AOCS) etc.