KASP 사단법인 한국우주기술진흥협회 Korea Association for Space Teachnology Promotion

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development support

We are carrying out government consignment and various activities related
to improving the competitiveness of space technology

Space environment test support


Improve product quality and secure export competitiveness of private space development companies by providing cost support necessary for space environment testing to private space companies

Support details

Support of up to 200 million won per company per year with a limit of 75% for SMEs and 60% for medium-sized enterprises in total test costs

Space environment test support
Classification Government subsidy Corporate charges
small and medium-sized businesses 75% of the total cost of the test 25% of the total cost of the test
enterprise of middle standing 60% of the total cost of the test 40% of the total cost of the test
  • Preliminary

  • Expert

  • Organization

  • Selection/

  • Payment of

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