KASP 사단법인 한국우주기술진흥협회 Korea Association for Space Teachnology Promotion

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Member support

For the joint development of members, cooperation,
and seminars and seminars are held.

Workshop and Seminar

Establishment of a venue for information exchange and cooperation among members of the association

A Study on the Development of Space Industry and Space Technology

Seminar on the Development of the Domestic Satellite Industry in Wishing for the Successful Launch of KOREASAT-7(2017)

Attendance of key political figures and related industry officials, etc

Held on March 27, 2017

To commemorate the launch of KOREASAT-7 and seek ways to develop the satellite industry in the future

Seminar on the activation of space parts testing(2017)

Participants in Research Fellows and supervised/consigned research institutes, etc

On November 2nd and 3rd, 2017, it will be held at Kolon C Cloud Hotel

Discussion on EEE Part's test case and progress of construction of space parts test facilities and presentation of construction (draft)

Seminar of Space Parts Testing Facility Unit Research Committee(2016)

Unit subcommittee members and project participants in supervised/consigned research institutes, etc. attendance

Held on December 13, 2016

Discussion on space project prospects, space component development process and test overview, satellite environment and equipment to be built in space component testing facilities


Since the subcommittee was formed in 2015, it has been held 2-3 times a year by subcommittee (Satellite, Launch Vehicle, Satellite Utilization)

Discussions on major issues of interest/issues of each division, gathering opinions, and invitation lectures by experts to explore ways to develop the space industry and acquire information on the latest technological trends

Membership training(2015~)

Since the 1st Space Engineer Friendly Golf Tournament held in 2015, sports events have been held every September to November

15-25 representatives or executives of the association's member companies will attend

In return for the efforts of member companies that have contributed to the development of the association, the relationship between member companies is enhanced. To promote the development of the association and the space industry in the future

Establishment of a meeting to exchange opinions on industry trends and pending issues, encourage participation in various events, and brief the progress of projects organized by the association